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Backgym Kids

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Backgym Kids

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Backgym Kids Posture Trainer

Many adults nowadays have to deal with back and neck problems, tensions, and postural defects. An analysis of these cases reveals that a large part of those problems can be traced back to one’s childhood. In today's culture, children often sit still, for example when using a TV, computer or tablet. At school children carry heavy school bags and in the classroom they often sit in one posture for prolonged times.

More and more children and adolescents suffer from severe posture problems. More than 50% of all pupils between 7 and 14 years of age are affected by those posture problems. Specifically, during this time in a child’s development, when the spine is in an important phase of development, posture problems can have dramatic effects on their future health. Backgym Kids helps your child to adopt an upright posture, without (directly) supporting him or her.

The Backgym brace has a pre-set tension force on the shoulder girdle. The shoulder girdle is slightly retracted by this pull (similar to the effects of a backpack’s straps), which helps your child to take a natural, upright posture without being supported directly. When wearing the Backgym, it becomes very difficult to let your shoulders hang forward, which prevents adopting a posture with a bent back.

Features and Benefits

  • The vest is lightweight, breathable and prevents trapped heat and moisture thanks to perfect air circulation.

  • It is recommended to wear the Backgym daily. Make sure to slowly increase the time Backgym is worn because your child's muscles need time to get used to it. We advise to start off with wearing the Backgym for 30 minutes a day.

  • If you feel tension in your neck or back, take off the product. The vest should have a snugly fit and feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you should not experience any pressure.

  • The Backgym Kids is available in 2 sizes: XS (child size 122-134) and S (child size 140-158).

  • It is important to wear the Backgym over your T-shirt.

  • If necessary, you can wash the product by hand or on a short programme 30°C in the washing machine. However, do not wash this product too often and make sure to let it air dry.

  • If you are unsure whether this product is right for you, consult a doctor or therapist.

  • High quality from Switzerland, designed by an orthopaedist.


Maat (Backgym) XS (122-134), blue/black

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