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Giant Rolastretcher

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    Giant Rolastretcher

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    Giant Rolastretcher

    Are you taller than 6’2” (1.90 meters) and do you suffer from back problems? Consider purchasing this Giant Rolastretcher!

    The extension arch of the regular Rolastretcher is too small to effectively massage and affect the back problems of taller persons. Because this Giant Rolastretcher has 28 rollers (the Rolastretcher has 20) and an extended reach you reach all your back muscles. The Giant Rolastretcher massages, stretches and mobilizes your back so that back pain can be prevented or be removed. Because you sit too much (for example due to sedentary work), the mobility of the upper back is greatly reduced. As a result, you have a wrong posture, which causes lower back and neck complaints. 

    By means of 28 rollers you can massage your back muscles into the correct posture angle. The rubber-coated wooden rollers have the right width to provide an effective pressure point massage on the long back muscles, correcting your posture and improving the condition of your back. The pressure on the lower back, neck and shoulders is thereby reduced and further wear and tear of the spine is reduced and/or prevented.

    If you are an active athlete and taller than 1.55 meters (and especially if you are taller than 1.90m), you can choose the Giant Rolastretcher. Many athletes have stiff and stuck muscles after practicing their sport, which can cause blockages all over your body. When you use the Giant Rolastretcher during the cooling down, you can counteract this stiffness. You can also use the stretcher to stretch your muscles during your warming up.

    Features and Benefits
    • Specifically made for people taller than 6’2” (1.90 meters) as well as active athletes.

    • You can massage, stretch, and mobilize your back muscles by means of the 28 rollers.

    • Prevent and combat back- and neck complaints and improve the posture of your back.

    • Use the Giant Rolastretcher for roughly 10 minutes a day for optimal results.

    • Frequently used in physiotherapy, chiropractic, yoga, Mensendieck, and relaxation exercises.

    • Made from farmed wood with rubber-coated wooden rollers that perform the pressure point massage. 

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