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How long can the Thumper massagers be turned on and used, and/or if it has been turned off and cooled down after 20 minutes?

Bart Bonnemayers

The Mini Pro units have a Temperature Overload Protection safety mechanism. If the unit is left running for longer approximately 20 minutes or in an unsuitable environment the massager will turn off and the small red light on the side will turn on. This means you have overheated the motor and activated the safety mechanism. To reset the unit, unplug the unit from the wall and let it cool for approximately 20 minutes. After cooling the unit can be plugged in to be used again.

For more information, check your operator's manual.

Depending the technique used during the massage or the surrounding environment it may not be 20 minutes before the mechanism is activated. We recommend using the unit 20 minutes on 20 minutes off. Unplug the unit when it is not in use.


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