Single Foot Pedal Elevation

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Linak single elevation foot pedal

The Foot Switch FS3 is an ergonomically designed modular system, developed for use together with LINAK control boxes and IC actuators with intelligent control.

® Foot Switch is designed for easy and improved control of applications, such as hospital beds and couches/tables and has been developed in cooperation with end users.

The foot switch is therefore very user and cleaning-friendly and has an aesthetic design. The FS3 is a robust foot control, and is also available as a double version.

FS31HS10000006-G00000000D11000 IPx6 Grey single footswitch, floor model, 2000 mm DIN cable in polyurethane for CB08/9/12/14/CBJC/CBJ1-2

Product dimensions (LxWxH)

20,0 x 12,0 x 2,5 cm

Product weight

372 gr

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