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Backgym Core Stabilizer

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    Backgym Core Stabilizer

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    Backgym Core Stabilizer

      More movement while sitting

      Everyone knows that we generally sit too much and move too little. The Backgym Core Stabilizer offers you the opportunity to do something about this without having to introduce major changes to your daily routine.

      By sitting on this balance trainer, you train and strengthen your posture as well as your muscles while sitting. Your postural muscles continuously correct your posture to ensure balance without you being aware of this. The Backgym Core Stabilizer increases the mobility of your back so that you can continue your work whilst sitting and furthermore prevents back- and neck complaints.

      Features and Benefits:
      • Fosters a flexible back.

      • Strengthens your back muscles.

      • Makes it harder to adopt an incorrect and harmful posture.

      • Is also suitable as a training device for stabilization exercises such as pushups as well as abdominal exercises.

      • The buffer between the wooden plates is designed similar to an intervertebral disc and thus forms an extension of your spine.

      • Can be used on different chairs, use it with an office chair during the day and with another chair during dinner.

      How to use the Backgym Core Stabilizer?
      Make sure you always use the Core Stabilizer on a flat surface, e.g. on the floor or on a chair or stool. When placing it on a chair or stool, do not place it on the edge of the chair. Load both sitting nodules evenly so that the Core Stabilizer does not cause an overload on the muscles of one side of your body.

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