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Healthcare professionals recognize the Thumper® Flexor Pro as the pinnacle of back supports. In providing their patients with the ultimate in care, these professionals incorporate the Flexor Pro as a foundational element in their back treatment protocols.

The Thumper Flexor Pro is patented because it is the only back support that offers height adjustability (vertical variance) in treating the curve (lordosis) of the lumbar spine.

The lumbar spine curvature of every individual is unique. The design of the Thumper Flexor Pro incorporates an air chamber that permits matching with the patient’s lordosis. This is easily accomplished by adjusting air pressure in the chamber with a simple bulb in much the same way that air pressure is adjusted when utilizing a blood pressure cuff. Equally important is the positioning of the air chamber so that it correctly aligns with the apex of the patient’s lordosis. This is the patented feature of the Thumper Flexor Pro: an air chamber with vertical placement that is easily adjusted on the support stand.

Thumper Flexor Pro is a professional grade back support. It has been tested rigorously in the Occupational Biomechanics and Safety Laboratories of the University of Waterloo, Canada, under the supervision of Stuart M. McGill, PhD, Professor of Spine Biomechanics. Dr. McGill is on record in his observation that the Thumper Flexor Pro back support is beneficial in enhancing proper posture.  

Dynamic Personal Seating for Ultimate Back Health

Spinal stresses often develop during sustained periods of sitting with poor posture. Over time, these stresses become problematic if they are not reduced. For example, when people sit in a slouched position, their muscle activity is minimal and the passive tissues (ligaments and the annuli of individually-affected spinal discs) become stressed. Prolonged loading ultimately results in back-muscle spasms and diminished reflex response. Full and sustained spinal flexion during long episodes of slouched sitting produces measurable disc annulus stresses and – in laboratory settings – has been observed to even cause herniated discs!

There is a specific link between prolonged sitting and the incidence of hernias. On the other hand, sitting with an upright torso posture requires greater activation of the psoas and back extensor muscles, which impose higher compressive forces on the spine. Several strategies have proven to be extremely helpful in reducing these stresses. The objective is to make sitting a dynamic activity that includes frequent changes in posture. Changing lumbar postures causes a beneficial migration of the loads from one group of tissues to another.  

Custom-fitting the Lumbar Spine

Thumper active back supports incorporate an air chamber that is easily positioned with a vertical adjustment within the frame. This optimizes the unique fit for each person. The inflatable air chamber helps people achieve relieving postures and changes in posture throughout the day, thus enhancing back health for those who must sit for extended periods.

Each lumbar spine has a unique curve (lordosis) and its health is affected by two crucial elements while sitting:

1)    The amount that lordosis has been artificially reduced (natural spine curvature straightened due to bending/slouching forward).

2)    The height of the lumbar spine lordosis.

Our products can precisely locate – and properly support – the lumbar lordosis: up, down, in, and out, resulting in true, universal, custom adjustment. After correct positioning is achieved, it is important to change the amount of pressure on the lumbar spine – a process easily implemented with the Thumper Flexor Pro. Changing the pressure in the air chamber adjusts the firmness of our products. In turn, this changes circulation patterns and tissue loads within the spine – a process we refer to as Active Seating.


  •  Thumper Flexor Pro uses the best materials available and is skillfully assembled by hand. 
  •  Up to 30 individual components are used in Thumper back supports. 
  •  All elements are selected for durability. 
  •  Foam-based materials (all flame-retardant) are engineered to last a minimum of 15 years.
  •  Our exclusively engineered fabric outlasts all other covers presently available on the market. Our  fabric is fade resistant, odor resistant, immune to fungus and bacteria, and wicks away  perspiration.
  • Our active back supports employ the highest quality air valves available. We provide a lifetime guarantee on all air valve components.

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