Activator II EZ Grip

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Much like the ACTIVATOR I, the ACTIVATOR II provides a gentle and controlled force to a patient’s spine and extremities. The superiority of high-speed and low force allows the ACTIVATOR II to be used in comprehensive treatment to all areas of the spine and extremities. Pediatricians and Geriatric Doctors: Many practitioners have come to appreciate the diversity of this Adjustment Instrument in treating their pediatric and geriatric patients as much as general chiropractors do in treating adult patients in all areas of the body.

EZ Grip

Designed for practitioners with smaller hands, the Activator II EZ-Grip instrument has a shorter distance between the handle and finger grip.


  •  Activator Methods sleekest and smoothest model provides adjustable excursion for unsurpassed  precision and control
  •  Effective adjustment due to the weighted anvil of the Activator II
  •  Superiority of the high-speed, low-force chiropractic adjusting instrument allows for  comprehensive treatment to all areas of the spine, including the extremities
  •  Accommodate pediatrics, geriatrics, and small body frames with a gentle and comfortable  adjustment method

Product weight

227 gr

Variable Settings



0 to 7

Adjustable Extensions


Automatic Pre-Load


Ergonomically Designed Handles


EZ-Grip Handle Option


Output Force Range

4,8 to 12,5 kg

CE mark


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