Chatt-Tape 5 m. x 5 cm. (12 Rolls)

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Chattanooga Chatt-Tape 5 meter x 5 cm is a hypoallergenic adhesive tape with a great ventilation. This allows the skin to breath and helps avoid rashes. Chatt-Tape gives little skin irritation and can be used on appropriate parts of the body. It has a great elasticity, so it gives no restriction on the range of motion.

Chatt-Tape enhances the blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. It can be used for different purposes, for example supporting the muscles, removing congestion to the flow of body fluids or correcting joint problems.

Chattanooga Chatt-Tape is available in four different colours: Beige, blue, black and pink. The tape is 5 cm wide and 5 meter long. It is easy to cut the tape to the right size with scissors. Chatt-Tape can be worn for a longer amount of time and stays on the skin at least a few days in a row.


  •  The same design and quality as the number one physiotherapy tape in Europe 
  •  Hypoallergenic adhesive tape 
  •  Good ventilation 
  •  Great elasticity 
  •  Enhances blood and lymphatic fluid circulation
  •  Four colours: beige, blue, black or pink 
  •  5 cm wide 
  •  5 meter long 
  •  Cut to size with scissors 

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