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Barefoot Science Multi-Purpose 3/4 Length

€ 57,30 € 57,30 (€ 62,46 Incl. VAT) 57.300000000000004 EUR

€ 57,30

Barefoot Science Multi-Purpose 3/4 Length


€ 57,30 € 57,30 (€ 62,46 Incl. VAT) 57.300000000000004 EUR

€ 57,30

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Barefoot Science Multi-Purpose 3/4 Length

Stimulates - strengthens – heals

This foot-strengthening insole is the exercise program for stronger, healthier feet!

- For foot, leg, and back problems.

- Strengthens the muscles in and around your feet.

- Restores the function of your foot.

- Reduces pain in feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, back and shoulders.

- For optimal training of your feet.

Over the past century, the shoe and foot care industry has mainly focused on technologies that corrects, supports, and provides shock absorption with the aim of improving comfort and performance. However, research shows that these shoes cause most of our foot, leg, and back problems. In countries where no shoes are worn, only 3% of these problems occur in comparison with countries where wearing shoes is a standard practice.

When something is placed underneath of a muscle for an extended period, this muscle becomes dependent on its support, becomes weak and starts to function poorly, causing a host of painful symptoms. It also increases the susceptibility to injuries and decreases the functioning of the foot, ankle, hip, back and shoulders. Most insoles and arch supports work largely the same way as supportive shoes; they provide extra cushioning, support, or reinforcement of the foot, which contributes to a weaker structure of the foot.

Barefoot Science's progressive approach is consistent with a sports training program; because the muscles are constantly and constructively stimulated, there is a measurable improvement in muscle strength. By means of the 4 different inserts, it mimics the stimulation and contraction of the muscles, the same thing that happens when walking barefoot on grass or sand. The Barefoot Science insoles do not immediately provide recovery, but when used consistently, it works as an exercise program to restore the function of the foot quickly and safely. It also ensures better performance and comfort, and the soles have been proven to reduce pain. Research showed that as many as 96% of people already had a reduction in pain in one part of the body (feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, back and shoulders) after 5 weeks. Direct improvements in balance and stability were measured in 50% of the people.

How to use Barefoot Science Insoles

The Barefoot Science Multi-Purpose model comes with one pair of insoles and four pairs of inserts that fit exactly into the designated recess. Starting with the softest level, you go through the different levels step by step. Naturally, an accurate Dutch manual including tips is enclosed with the product. During the first two months of using the Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System, your body will undergo a so-called 'soft tissue adaptation phase'. This is the initial period when the muscles that support the foot are retrained to work in a more natural and healthy way. As muscle function improves, the mobility of the joints increases, and the bones realign to handle with increased loads more effectively. Some people may experience 'new' pain in the muscles and joints as the body adjusts. As in most rehabilitation programs, this is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that you move to a higher level when you no longer notice the pressure from the arch under the centre of your foot (usually within four to seven days). This period of adaptation will vary according to your age, foot type, type of footwear, amount of walking, running, etc. It is important not to skip the levels in between!

What does the Multi-Purpose Model entail?

The Multi-Purpose model has the same effect as the Therapeutic model, but with 4 levels instead of 7. This causes this sole to have lower production costs.

Relieves complaints and pain for:

- Flat feet.

- Overpronation.

- Heel spur.

- Shin splints.

- Hip- and back complaints.

- Muscle fatigue and cramps.

- Foot related knee complaints.

- Corns.

You can easily refresh the insoles by soaking them in some warm water mixed with soap for 5 to 10 minutes, please let them air dry afterwards.

Available sizes:

L = size 44/45

XL = size 46-48

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