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Mediflow Water Core Pillow 50 x 70 cm

€ 57,80 € 57,80 57.800000000000004 EUR

€ 57,80

Mediflow Water Core Pillow 50 x 70 cm


€ 57,80 € 57,80 57.800000000000004 EUR

€ 57,80

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    Mediflow Water Core Pillow 50 x 70 cm

    Mediflow; a revolution in sleeping comfort!

    The Mediflow orthopaedic water-based pillow offers, thanks to its unique composition, more comfort than any other pillow available. The top of the pillow is filled with hypoallergenic fibres whilst the bottom of the pillow consists of a thermally sealed water compartment made of high-strength polyurethane foil.

    The water compartment ensures that the Mediflow pillow adapts itself to your sleeping position, providing perfect support for your head and neck. The optimal support ensures great sleeping comfort and an improvement in the quality of sleep.

    Best tested

    The Mediflow Wellness water pillow has been proclaimed in America as the pillow for improving the quality of sleep. Johns Hopkins University has tested the Mediflow pillow and compared it with other pillows, including Tempur pillows, and concluded that the Mediflow pillow provides the best results for both improving sleep quality and reducing neck pain. There is a sound reason why sleep specialists all over the world increasingly recommend the Mediflow pillow.

    Invest in your well being.

    A comfortable pillow is one of the best investments you can make to increase the quality of sleep and thus your quality of life. When you sleep better, you wake up more rested and you are better equipped for today's stressful environment. A pillow is of great importance when it comes to preventing and / or curing neck- and back complaints and headaches. Because the Mediflow pillow reduces pressure on the neck and the respiratory passage, it can also have a very positive effect on snoring. It is easy to adjust the pillow to your personal preferences. If you notice that you still have problems with your neck, you have probably added too much or too little water to it. Release some water or add some more to the water compartment of the pillow until you attain its desired height.

    Quality first!

    We think it is important to deliver a high quality and sound product that you can enjoy for years (after purchase). That is why only the best, durable materials are used during the manufacturing process of the Mediflow pillow. The water compartment is made of extremely strong polyurethane foil, the top layer of the pillow is made of high-quality polyester and the cover of the pillow is made of 100% cotton. The lifespan of the Mediflow pillow is as a result of the prior a lot higher than cheaper pillows.

    The Mediflow pillow is also available in another size: 40 x 80 cm. The only difference between these two Medfilow pillows is their size.

    Features and benefits

    - Provides optimal sleeping comfort and improves the quality of sleep.

    - Helps to prevent or relieve back pain, neck complaints, headaches, and snoring.

    - Ensures that you fall asleep faster.

    - Contains a hypo-allergenic fibre filling.

    - Can be completely washed by hand or in the washing machine by following the enclosed washing instructions.

    - Can easily be adjusted to your preference by adding more water to, or releasing water from, the enclosed water compartment.

    - You do not hear or feel the water splashing unless there is air in the water compartment. You can easily bleed/vent the air using the included instructions manual.

    - Suitable for children from 8 years old and up.

    - 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

    - Already has over 6 million satisfied users worldwide.

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