50 Years of Clinical Observations DVD Set

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DVD Set: 50 Years of Clinical Observations by Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr.

Series 1: (26 minutes) Atypical Leg Testing, Atypical Geriatric Patient, Atypical Patient Subluxation Switch, Subluxation Shift Sides, Thrust Report Position 2 Indicator, Substances That Affect Reflexes, Can’t Get Patient off the Table, Patient in a Wheel Chair, Hiatal Hernia, Blocks Under Bed, Raise Foot End of Bed

Series 2: (23 minutes) Thoracic Syndrome 6, 4, 2 Ratio, Cardiac Reflex, T-5 Stomach, Navicular, Meniscus, A/C Joint, Cranial, Sinuses

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