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The Rolastretcher massages, stretches and mobilizes your back every day, so your symptoms may disappear. In order to move in a proper way the chest spine must be able to stretch about 5 degrees. As a result of sitting too much and too little exercise the mobility of the upper back of many people decreases extremely. This shortcoming is compensated by a wrong posture, resulting in low back pain and neck pain. The rounded shape of the stretcher restores the mobility of the upper back. The nodules massage the long muscles along the spine and the spine will become more flexible. After a while your posture will improve. Combine the use of the Rolastretcher with abdominal exercises and you are assured of a long-lasting result.

Features / Benefits

  •  20 rollers massage your back muscles in the correct position angle. 
  •  Prevent or combat back pain and improve the condition of your back. 
  •  Made of beech (farmed wood) with comfortable synthetic rollers.


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